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Application Management Services

Our packaged solutions integrate IT, software, business consulting and IT services into a unified manner to cater all the needs of our customers. Our solutions are empowered with our dedicated expertise. We have deep domain knowledge and everlasting business relationships with global giants like IBM, Lenovo, VMWare, Microsoft, APC and NetCORE to ensure that our customers are provided with products and solutions with latest technology at competitive prices.

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Application Services emerge as catalysts for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), the next generation architectural model that extends the flexibility and reach of existing IT infrastructure in enterprises. SOA brings many organizational benefits, including:

  • Flexible on account of separation of interfaces and implementations, enhanced reuse in terms of shared services across multiple applications, business models, geographies etc.
  • Preservation of investment in legacy systems
  • Control in the hands of business stakeholders instead of IT stakeholders, due to contractual interfaces of IT implementations
  • In addition to the above, Services provides certain advantages owing to standardization and virtualization
To align IT with your business, need an end-to-end strategy. For transforming your enterprise, ValueNet has the expertise to do.

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